First we listen.  Then we produce.  

We work with you to create a production plan, inclusive of script and story boards, schedule and budget to fit your unique situation.                      

How it works


Once the video production is complete we begin cutting it together.  Many productions require video shoots.  Many require skilled animators, a music bed and voice over to drive the story.  Whatever your needs, we will work within our agreed upon schedule to deliver your project on time and on budget.


Video production is a complicated endeavor and requires a team of professionals to ensure your video needs are met in an organized and timely manner.  Whether your project requires video shoots, animation or both, our team of professionals will provide you with the content you need to tell your story.


Your project will have specific delivery needs. Where will your video live once it's completed? Wherever it is we will provide you with a deliverable, or deliverables, to fit your need. In addition we will provide you with a high resolution copy just in case you decide to transcode your content for any reason.


Our Promise

Simply put, to deliver the content requested on time and within your budget. There are never any surprises when you work with LookOut Films. We pride ourselves on our great communication and listening skills. Let's do this.